Field 51 produce CSA
Our CSA program consists of 23 weeks of fresh produce. Every week
you will be able to pick up a half bushel of fresh seasonal vegetables and flowers.

One thing about farming is you cannot count on the weather.
We plan on the season starting sometime
in May and running thru October, of course the
weather could throw us off a week or two either way.

A half bushel provides enough produce for a family of 2 adults. It can be picked up here at the farm on Thursdays from 3:30 -7:00 PM. We do a limited delivery that occurs on Friday usually before noon. Contact us about delivery pricing

The cost of the CSA is $500 per share after working here on the far for a total of eight hours you'll receive $50 back. The cost of the season can be divided anyway you like or we may be able to arrange for members to work at the farm in exchange for credit. If you are interested in participating or just have some questions call or e-mail us and we'll be happy to talk to you.